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Creating an alcohol-free environment, community and experience for everyone.

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There are many ways you can support YADA, one of which is to donate, no matter how small!

Support YADA

As a Community Interest Company, contributions make a significant difference in our aim to change the relationship with alcohol. They enable the continuation of the services we provide and fund necessary training, research and developments to make a better YADA experience for everyone.

All donations will go back into YADA’s communities, whether it be a new project or improving an existing one.

Thank you for choosing to support YADA!


If you’re looking for more ways to help, check out our blog or ask us about volunteering!

YADA Collective Theory of Change _ Community Vision Doc

What is YADA up to?

Re-imagine and Re-present the Night Time Economy (NTE)

Shift the culture of the night-time economy by creating spaces where we build authentic community, pioneer culture and experience communion. 



  • Created a thriving, alcohol-free venue and social space that tackles the stigmas of the night-time economy
  • Created a platform that inspires challenging and stimulating conversations 
  • Created a learning environment for creatives and entrepreneurs seeking to explore their vocation and vision.
  • YADA has invested in people and made a positive impact on the lives of the community 
  • YADA aims to foster impactful relationships between local organisations that support the vulnerable of our city

What value are we offering?

  • Increased access to quality alcohol-free drinks 
  • Tackling the social issues of alcohol
  • Providing a thriving alcohol-free social space and venue
  • Inspiring the next generation of innovators

There are so many ways for you to support us and join us on our mission. One of those ways is to donate financially to the work we are doing. YADA is a community interest company, which means we value people over profit and have a social drive behind everything we do. Our aim is to build more than a bar, we want to be a place that brings communities together, that breaks down boundaries and lifts up people. We want to build THE MOST ETHICAL-COMMUNITY FOCUSSED BAR TO EVER EXIST ON THIS PLANET!

Fund it! 

We want to be running projects that directly affect the local community, this could be a stand-alone project or a partnership with other charitable organisations. We have already forged some impactful relationships and can’t wait to show you what we get up to. (Please do sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know)  

Some examples of where your funding will support – 

Resource it!

Some call it boring, but others know how vital the back office logistical stuff is. 

Some examples of what we will be able to resource when you donate include;

  • Laptops and other equipment
  • Operationally vital Subscriptions/ services (Finance and marketing software, as well as health and safety processes) 
  • DBS checks
  • Marketing and Website Development
  • Staff awareness training (BSL, Mental Health Awareness)

The Future!

  • Seeking out new venues, working with community leaders in towns and cities across the UK to best place the next YADA bars. 
  • More events that prove alcohol-free experiences aren’t enjoyment-free
  • More community celebrating spaces in our venues
  • Fund research opportunities to help empower others. 
  • More of all of the above… 


We know our journey to achieving our mission won’t be simple; if it was, it would have been the way bars were run from the get-go. This isn’t going to look like a glamorous overnight success story either. But with your incredible donations, we know we can reach our goals and impact huge numbers of people for the better (maybe even save lives)! If our bars, community safe spaces, or online content has helped you in your journey, made you smile or you just like what we do, then please consider making a donation.

Donate - Thank you for supporting TEAM YADA