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31 Alcohol-Free Drinks To Get You Through A Month Without Booze

So, you’re thinking of attempting a sober month? A month away from the booze. Well, we’re here to help you through it. And trust us when we say, with so many great-tasting, alcohol-free alternative drinks out there for you to explore, we bet you end the month with a whole new mindset.

No Matter The Reason…

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving up for Dry January, Sober October, Dry July (we hear that’s a thing in Australia) or even if you’re starting randomly in the middle of May. Likewise, If you’re looking to get pregnant or exploring the healthier side of life, these drinks will be the perfect alternative too. We’ve got 31+ alcohol-free drinks (below 0.5%ABV) for you to experiment with during your sober month journey.

If you’re curious why we think 0.5% is acceptable when suggesting a booze-free month – Short answer, it’s because the level of alcohol is so negligible it’s the same amount of booze as in a ripe banana! For the long answer, take a look at this explanation about low and no-alcohol drinks. 

We’ve laid out our suggestions in a quick-to-view list below for easy browsing, or if you’re in it for the full adventure, keep scrolling and see what each drink has to offer.

31 Days of Alcohol-Free Drinks!

  1. UNLTD. – Alcohol-Free Lager
  2. Tayberry Sour from Nirvana Beer Co and Squareroot London
  3. Vandestreek Playground – Non-Alcoholic IPA
  4. ‘DIPA Toe In’ from Lowtide Brewing Co.
  5. Zeo Botanical Dry – Non-Alcoholic Spirit
  6. Tiny Rebel’s Clwb Tropica – Non-Alcoholic.
  7. Kompaan Beer‘s Stunt Double – Low Alcohol IPA
  8. Wildlifebotanical’s Nude and Blush
  9. Solo Pale Ale from Westberkshire Brewing co.
  10. Another Dimension – Low Alcohol IPA
  11. ‘Love that feeling 0.5%’ and ‘Culture Shock 0.5%’ from Good Karma Beer Co.
  12. TUESDAY from AndUnion
  13. Mockingbird Spirit – Alcohol-free Tequila
  14. ¡Hola! Lager with lime from LOAH
  15. ‘Sea and T’ made from SeaArch Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit
  16. Everyday Lager from Fortitude Drinks
  17. Lucky Saint Beer 0.5% Unfiltered Lager
  18. Verbena and Sea Buckthorn from Bax Botanics
  19. Champions Cider 0.5%
  20. Fungtn’s Chaga Laga & Lion’s Mane IPA
  21. Forest, Marine & Mountain Everleaf Drinks – Non-alcoholic Aperitifs
  22. California Uncommon from Mashgang
  23. Hoppy Pale Ale + Bavarian Helles Lager from Nirvana Beer Co.
  24. Paradiso Citra IPA + Uptown Craft Lager from Bigdrop Brewing Co
  25. Original, Amber, Pink and Agave Distilled Spirits from Fluère
  26. Drynks Unlimited – Ale and Cider
  27. Wanderlust from Van Moll Craft Beer
  28. St Peter’s Without Range of Ales
  29. Crafty Nectar’s 0.5 Cider
  30. Brooklyn Special Effects – Hoppy Amber Ale
  31. Yuzu Pale Ale, Tropic IPA, Bonfire Stout & New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer Co.

<Drink 01> UNLTD. – Alcohol-Free Lager

Firstly, a classic lager! UNLTD. is an alcohol-free, low calorie, vegan-friendly craft beer with all the flavour of full-strength beer, brewed in Hertfordshire.

<Drink 02> Tayberry Sour

A fantastic collaboration between Nirvana Beer Co. and Square Root Soda.

A sour beer made from Tayberry’s picked from a farm in Sussex. The perfect bright and cheerful drink, that’ll remind you winter is only a season and the joyful hot summer is only a few months away.

And for those not of us that didn’t know, a tayberry is a delicious cross between a red raspberry and a juicy blackberry.

<Drink 03> Vandestreek Playground

Probably the best named AF drink in existence!

This alcohol-free IPA from Vandestreek gives you full, smooth flavours from 3 types of American hops (Mosaic, Citra and Cascade).

Enjoy all the citrus and tropical flavours you are looking for, as well as a nice bitterness

<Drink 04> DIPA Toe In

A vegan craft beer like no other!

Brewed by Rob and Dave at the Lowtide Brewing Co, ‘DIPA Toe In’ is a thick and juicy double IPA packed with hops and oats. It combines mango, passionfruit and resinous notes to produce a subtly sweet, refreshing and drinkable alcohol-free DIPA.


<Drink 05> ZEO Botanical Dry Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Use this as the base for plenty a warm cocktail! Zeo Botanical Dry is so warm and aromatic, you’d never guess it’s alcohol-free.

Nine natural botanicals have been blended to create a deep and flavoursome spirit with a citrus-forward flavour. If you love a weeknight G&T but are looking for a sophisticated alcohol-free option, we recommend Botanical Dry.

As a non-alcoholic gin or vodka alternative, Botanical Dry is incredibly refreshing.

So, simply switch out your normal spirit or make a Martini by chilling your ZEO and enjoying it straight with a twist of lemon peel.

<Drink 06> Tiny Rebel’s Clwb Tropica – Non-Alcoholic

Keep the party going!

What happens when you slice Pineapples, squeeze Mangos, crush Peaches and pummel Passionfruit into a Non-Alc IPA. –Tiny Rebel’s tropical IPA at 0.5%

And if you’re a fan of the Tiny Rebel range, at the time of writing this they’ve just announced another three non-alcoholic drinks for you to try too.

<Drink 07> Kompaan Beer’s Stunt Double

A drink for the adventure junkie!

Kompaan has pulled together an AF beer with loads of mosaic hops powering its fruit-forward flavour. Aromas of mango, stone fruits, limes and fresh herbs are present. Add that to a clean malt profile and a really crisp body – and you get the perfect, summery, low-alcohol IPA!

<Drink 08> Wildlife Botanicals’ Nude and Blush

There’s the perfect no&low drink for every occasion!

Ultra-low in alcohol yet ultra-high in goodness. These unique English bubblies crafted in Cornwall by Wildlife Botanicals, are infused with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals and botanicals each chosen for their health-giving properties.

At only 0.5% ABV and less than 35 calories per glass, we can vouch for incredible taste with every sip.


<Drink 09> SOLO Alcohol-Free Pale Ale

No ordinary alcohol-free beer.

This alcohol-free pale ale, crafted by West Berkshire Brewery, is full of tropical hop aroma with grassy pine notes and a crisp bitterness.


<Drink 10> Another Dimension

A low alcohol pale ale from Another Dimension Brewing Co!

A blend of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and Tettnanger hops deliver a juicy and tropical aroma. Add to that, a combination of malts gives a subtly sour, bitter linger and supremely mouthwatering finish.

<Drink 11> ‘Love that feeling 0.5%’ and ‘Culture Shock 0.5%’

Two drinks from the Good KarmaBeer Co. that will bring joy to your day.

Hefeweizen is one of the most popular beer styles around the world, the style originated in the 1520s and is another Bavarian classic. Hefeweizens normally have low bitterness, high carbonation and taste great with a slice of lemon if that’s your thing.

Whereas for Culture Shock, Good Karma has teamed up with Rock Leopard Brewing Co to brew an alcohol-free Radler that is all about good vibes.

<Drink 12> TUESDAY

A drink for every day of the week!

For Tuesday, andunion have crafted a bright and fruity unfiltered alcohol-free Bavarian wheat beer. #TastyAF.

<Drink 13> Mockingbird Spirit – Alcohol-Free Tequila

Fern McCoy has crafted a unique alcohol-free, tequila inspired, agave-based spirit.

All the flavour of a tequila, without the headaches.

If you want to find out about how Mockingbird is made and the journey that inspired Fern to create it in the first place, check out this blog where Fern herself answers all those questions. 

<Drink 14> ¡Hola! Lager With Lime

When life gives you lemons, trade them for… limes?

We’re big fans of this crisp, clean and refreshing lager. An alcohol-free drink naturally brewed to 0.5% with a squeeze of lime by Hugo at the LOAH Beer Co.


<Drink 15> ‘Sea & T’ with Sea Arch

More Beautiful Without.

A non-alcoholic distilled spirit perfectly served within a ‘Sea and T’ (AKA Alcohol-free Gin and Tonic with the traditional gin traded out for this Sea Arch alternative)

However, that’s not all it’s good for. If you’re feeling creative, Sea Arch can be used to create many other interesting cocktails too.

<Drink 16> Everyday Lager

A drink we could drink every day!

Trust us. If you enjoy a good lager, this is a drink for you. An easy-going drink that works in any situation. Have this down at the pub with your mates (when they reopen) or at home with an evening meal!

A clean and refreshing lager, light malty flavours AND naturally brewed by Rob and the team at Fortitude Drinks to 0.5%.

In addition, all the ingredients are naturally sourced, gluten-free, vegan. What’s not to love!

<Drink 17> Lucky Saint – Unfiltered Lager

A real story of brewer and Lucky Saint founder, Luke, failing to give up. A class act when it comes to changing the way people think about alcohol-free drinks. And alcohol in general for that matter.

He set off on a journey to reward those who aren’t drinking with the beer they deserve. And the result. A delicious lager for any occasion – Lucky Saint!


<Drink 18> Verbena and Sea Buckthorn

Full of natural flavours, these are the perfect pair of spirits. They’ve been crafted by Chris and Rose at Bax Botanics to enhance your alcohol-free cocktails.

Designed by nature and made in the UK from organic fairtrade botanicals. An indulgent treat for when you are not drinking.

Similarly to the other spirits mentioned, these can be used alongside other AF spirits and tonics to create some truly beautiful cocktails!

<Drink 19> Champions Cider

100% British apples and flavours that delight the taste buds.

The team at Champions Cider have created an alcohol-free cider that’s all about the healthy side of AF. Developed by international rugby stars this is a fresh and fruity AF cider that’s perfect after a big game or when accompanied with a hearty meal.

<Drink 20> Chaga Laga and Lion’s Mane IPA

Adaptogenic alcohol-free beer from Fungtn (Fungtional) Brew Co.

Fungtn is the UK’s first mycoadaptogenic non-alcoholic beer range. This adaptogenic AF beer is brewed with a functional finish of medicinal mushrooms.

These beers harness the ancient wisdom of these mushrooms to keep your mind and body in good form.

But, you don’t need to worry, it doesn’t actually taste of mushrooms though. On the other hand, it does definitely go well with a stuffed mushroom dinner, if that takes your fancy.


<Drink 21> Forest, Mountain and Marine – Everleaf Aperitifs

The depth, aroma and flavour of the natural world!

Everleaf’s trio of non-alcoholic drinks (Forest, Mountain and Marine) ensures delicious cocktails can be arranged for any occasion.

Founder of Everleaf, Paul Mathews, spent his early career as a conservation biologist. Certainly, it’s clear this range of aperitifs have been highly influenced by his fascination with nature.
<Non-Alcoholic Cocktails>

<Drink 22> California Uncommon

Not quite a lager, not quite a steam beer and definitely not another IPA – Mashgang like to do things a new kind of different.

Inspired by an all American malt liquor yet of the alcohol-free variety. The contents of this can have been designed so that you can chomp through four of them at a BBQ.

Or in YADA Co-Director, Mark’s case, while smashing through band practice, without missing a single beat.

<Drink 23> Hoppy Pale Ale & Bavarian Helles Lager

A go-to collection of beers for everyday drinking from the team at Nirvana Brewing Co.

This is a session-able pale ale made with fruity Mosaic hops.

Plus, Nivana’s Bavarian Helles Lager is crisp, clean and immaculately balanced. A true Bavarian icon.

In fact, we’re a fan of all the Nirvana range, including AF pale ales, lagers and stouts. So, well worth giving them all a try.
<0.5%> / <0.3%>⁠

<Drink 24> Paradiso Citra IPA + Uptown Craft Lager

A fruity IPA with a sharp and bitter aftertaste. Plus another easy-going craft lager that’s full of wonderful flavour

Big Drop Brewing Co are one of the giants in the AF world. An award-winning brewer that appears to bring out a new range each month. Therefore, if you’ve not given their alcohol-free drinks a try, we highly recommend you give them a look. They’ve got an alcohol-free beer no matter the taste you’re after.

<Drink 25> Fluère Original, Amber, Pink and Agave

Distilled Non-alcoholic Spirits.

Fluère takes inspiration for their distilled spirits from the historical herbs, spices and botanicals used by the Roman Empire to keep their legions fit to travel and fight.⁠

In short, if you’re after a superior class of alcohol-free cocktail, you can’t go too far wrong with their range of; Original, Amber, Pink and Agave distilled spirits as the core ingredient. ⁠
⁠<Distilled – Non-Alcoholic>⁠

<Drink 26> Lager and Pale Ale from Drynks Unlimited

Smashing Alcohol-free Drynks!

Drynks Unlimited offer a refreshing range of alcohol -free drinks, including ales, pales and even a cider. They’re craftily brewed and then ALL the alcohol is removed to create fantastic tasting AF drinks. Consiquently, these drinks really are 0.0%ABV.

Pictured is their SMASHED lager and pale ale. However, their range also includes a citrus beer, berry fruit cider and traditional apple cider.


An alcohol-free beer you can lust over!

Created by Van Moll Craft Beer⁠, Wanderlust is a fine fruity IPA with pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste.⁠ In short, it really is a non-alcoholic IPA with a zing!

<Drink 28> St Peter’s WITHOUT

Traditional ale as it should be… just WITHOUT alcohol!

The St Peter’s Without range from St Peter’s Brewery includes four fantastic craft beers each with a unique and refreshing blend.

St. Peter’s Brewery is one of England’s original craft breweries, founded in 1996. Located deep in the picturesque Suffolk countryside.

In recent years, they’ve lent their creativity into the alcohol-free space and we think they’ve created a fantastic selection as a result!

<Drink 29> 0.5 Cider from Crafty Nectar

A medium sweet, zingy cider!

Created by James and Ed at Crafty Nectar, in collaboration with the Wisebartender, here we have a fantastic tasting cider, made from freshly pressed from West Country apples.

All the taste of cider, but you know the drill – without the negative after effect!

<Drink 30> Brooklyn Special Effects

An extra special AF beer from Brooklyn Brewery!

Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Amber tastes just like a regular beer, but therein lies the special effect: it’s not.

Peeled Grapefruit and fresh zesty aromas with a clean bitter edge!

You could say, it’s got a special place amongst team YADA! So much so, we’ll have it on draught when our bar is open!

<Drink 31> Yuzu Pale Ale, Tropical IPA, Bonfire Stout & New World Lager From Drop Bear Beer Co.

So, the final day of your month of alcohol-free drinks has arrived! As a result, we’re serving up some of our team’s favourite AF beers!

Drop Bear Beer Co, headed up by AF legends Joelle and Sarah, have crafted a range of four beers we think you’ll love.

– Yuzu Pale Ale – An easy drinking pale with a splash of Yuzu!

– Tropical IPA – An IPA with an abundance of tropical hops.

– Bonfire Stout – The smoky dark ale with hints of roasted coffee and chocolate flavours.

– New World Lager – An IPL (India Pale Lager) inspired by new world hop varieties from the Southern Hemisphere

In addition, they’re also working on their own bespoke brewery so you can expect plenty more from them in the future. In other words, definitely one to keep an eye on for sure!

More Alcohol-Free Drinks…

Congratulations! Hopefully, with a little help from this list, you made it to the end of a full month, drinking only alcohol-free drinks.

If you give any of these a go, we’d love to hear how you get on. Which of these drinks has become your newfound favourites?

However, we’re well aware this is not an exhaustive list of alcohol-free drinks. If you find one you think we should know about, we’d love to hear about it.

We first published this list of drinks on our Instagram. Be sure to follow us on there for up to date drinks suggestions and other alcohol-free related content. – @YADACollective

This blog was poured by Craig Picton.