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Staying Sober at a Festival

5 Tips for Staying Sober at a Festival: How to Have a Fun and Memorable Time Without Alcohol or Drugs

5 Tips for Staying Sober at a Festival: How to Have a Fun and Memorable Time Without Alcohol or Drugs

Attending a festival sober can be a unique and rewarding experience. While many people associate festivals with partying and substance use, it is possible to have a good time without alcohol or drugs. In fact, being sober can allow you to fully engage with the festival experience and make the most of your time there.

Here are a few tips for staying sober at a festival:

1. Bring a support system:

Having a group of friends or a designated sober buddy who supports your decision to stay sober can be incredibly helpful. They can provide accountability and be a resource if you start to feel pressure to drink or use drugs. Plus, having someone to share the experience with can make the festival more fun and enjoyable.

2. Plan ahead:

Think about the types of activities and experiences you want to have at the festival and plan accordingly. This could include packing non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, and activities like games or crafts to keep you occupied. It can also be helpful to research the festival ahead of time and make a schedule of the events and performances you want to see.

3. Take breaks:

Festivals can be overwhelming, and it’s important to take breaks to rest and recharge. Find a quiet spot to relax, or consider bringing earplugs or a sleep mask to get some rest during the night. It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun, as well as comfortable shoes to wear while walking around the festival grounds. Thriving at and enjoying a festival can be more about mindset than the experience. taking 30 minutes out can be a great source of re-energising.

4. Stay hydrated:

It’s crucial to stay hydrated at a festival, especially if you’re in a hot or crowded environment. Bring a water bottle, and make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. We also often hear people say to avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks, as they can lead to dehydration.

5. Remember your limits:

It’s okay to say no if you feel like you’re being pressured to drink or use drugs. Trust your instincts and remember that it’s important to take care of yourself. If you start to feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, it’s okay to take a break or leave the festival altogether.

Staying sober at a festival can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. By planning ahead and bringing a support system, you can have a memorable and enjoyable time without compromising your sobriety. Remember to take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being. With a little planning and determination, you can have a great time at the festival while staying sober.

Sober at a Festival

A Challenge to Festival Organisers.

So, while we’re on the topic of taking sobriety at festivals, why not post the question, if we were to organise a festival, what could be done to include those looking to stay sober?

Festival organisers can play a significant role in improving the experience for sober attendees by offering a variety of alcohol-free options and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Here are a few ways that festival organizers can support sober attendees:

1. Book an alcohol-free bar:

Having a designated area for sober attendees to grab a drink can provide a welcoming and safe space for those who are not consuming alcohol. If you’re curious about what an alcohol-free bar at a festival could look like, take a look at our experience serving at one. – And if you want to book the full YADA experience – we’d love to help you make it happen.

2. Offer non-alcoholic activities:

In addition to music and performances, festivals can offer a range of activities that do not revolve around alcohol. This could include yoga classes, art workshops, or educational talks.

3. Promote a positive and inclusive atmosphere:

Festivals can take steps to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees, including those who are sober. This could involve promoting a positive and respectful culture and providing resources and support for those who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction.

By taking these steps, festival organisers can make the experience more enjoyable and welcoming for sober attendees and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

YADA Bar Serving Alcohol Free Drinks at Festivals

So, there you have it, a round-up of staying sober at festivals. – We’d love to hear about your experiences of festivals. what tips would you add? What would you want an organiser to think about while planning their next one?

This update was crafted by Craig, Co-founder at YADA Collective.