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alcohol-free drinks at festivals

Do they serve alcohol-free drinks at festivals? 

*Gives YADA a call* – They do now! Well, we did it. We took YADA on tour and served our first alcohol-free drinks at festivals! When we first opened the bar, we knew that we wanted to take YADA on the road. And we have been slowly building towards that over the past year. Little did we know how soon it would actually be.

YADA Takes The Show On The Road To Festivals!

New Wine United (Weeks A & B), Luminosity and Sixty One Festivals were a perfect test run for us in the hot Summer sun of 2022. We have learned huge amounts throughout this process. Including; drinks that sell well in the roaring heat and drinks that don’t. We learnt that Team Green absolutely bossed the silent disco (90’s classics for the win!). And that Bonkers Bingo really gets the crowd moving (especially when a YADA tote bag is one of the prizes up for grabs). We learnt that the next generation of students have got some wild but powerful business ideas that we’re really excited to see come to light, take a look at JUSTSOW for more on that.

And that students heading off to university next year will do well to check out Fusion’s Student Linkup map (It was what inspired our own Sober Communities Map, which you should check out too if you want to connect with other sober people in your area).

Alcohol-Free Camping!

The biggest learning of all was that Chrys, our superstar cocktail maker, can survive two weeks camping in a field. Oh, and that alcohol-free drinks are a welcome feature to a festival, even with alcoholic bars on site.

Tote Bag - YADA Bar Serving Alcohol Free Drinks at Festivals
Base Camp - YADA Bar Serving Alcohol Free Drinks at Festivals

Our menu was concise, but we were still able to show off the ever-growing range of quality alcohol-free alternatives. Altogether, with Crafty Nectar Cider and Big Drop Citra IPA, we had two staples on draught for customers to taste and see the beauty of alcohol-free innovation. Also, our handcrafted cocktails were as popular as ever.  Generally, the top three fan favourites were our; Pink Gin Fizz (A fizz that utilises Fortitude’s Pink Gin), Tequila Sunrise (That is heavily influenced by Mockingbird’s Tequila alternative), and our newest creation Mr Blue Sky (That has Caleno’s Light & Zesty at its core).

Here are some of the things people said:

“I thought alcohol-free drinks were ridiculous! But F@*!k me that’s good” *Goes to get his friends and spends the rest of the night in awe drinking at the bar.

“Wish I had you guys when I was a student”

“Can I book you guys?” – the answer is yes, you can! Take a look at details of our Mobile Bar offering here.

Who Helped Make It Happen?

A big shout out to Caleno, Big Drop, Lowtide and Lyres for supporting us for this event. And a massive thanks to Wisebartender, who helped with the logistics. If you are an alcohol-free/ quality soft drinks brand and want to get support from our mobile bar, then get in touch with us by emailing Hello@YADACollective.co.uk 

What Festival Should We Be Serving Alcohol-Free Drinks At Next?

We’re excited that this is only the beginning…we will be out and about in our new horsebox very soon. Oh, hang on… did we mention we have converted a horsebox into the world’s best alcohol-free mobile bar? If you want an alcohol-free alternative at your event, festival or celebration, then get in touch – we can’t wait to serve you.

YADA Bar Serving Alcohol Free Drinks at Festivals
Happy Customer - YADA Bar Serving Alcohol Free Drinks at Festivals
Caleno Drink - YADA Bar Serving Alcohol Free Drinks

Do you want to see more alcohol-free drinks at festivals?

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