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Getting Sober With A Whole Community

Are you familiar with Jonathan Turner, the owner of the witty and inspiring alcohol recovery blog SoberPunks? Or maybe you are a fan of his techno-punk comedy band Petrol Bastard?

Full of life and optimism we have the honour to present his journey to living alcohol-free…

“Imagine you spend all your life doing everything in the hardest possible way,” Jonathan narrates. “You are constantly walking with a backpack full of heavy weights and everything you do is sluggish and hard work.”

“When that becomes your norm, it means that when you are finally freed from that backpack you feel completely light and agile.“

He continues: “Everything is so much easier because life was so hard before.”

For Jonathan Turner, this is not his imagination, a dream or someone else’s story. It’s his reality.

Reaching 6 years of sobriety this year, his outlook on life has been transformed.

“Because of Alcohol I faced a lot of struggles financially, health-wise, and even in my relationships,” he shares.

Before adding a blogger title to the mix, Jonathan was juggling two jobs as a Project Manager and a musician. His relationship with alcohol increased when he went out to do gigs in the early stages of his band.

“Every gig consisted of my bandmate and I drinking non-stop,” Jonathan explains. “We would get so drunk that I would wake up in the worst situations like having a black eye.”

Since both members have gone sober, there has been a significant difference in how the band performs.

“From two drunk guys rolling around on the floor, swearing and knocking things all over, performing sober has been the best for us,” he says.

Audiences get to experience choreographed moves, correct song lyrics and have memorable moments with the band.

“Getting to know someone sober is much more fulfilling than meeting somebody who gets you drunk,” he believes.

Having struggled with alcoholism for 10 years, the 41-year-old shares how his wife was his catalyst to breaking free: “My wife hated the side that drinking brought out of me and because I hated the thought of losing her, I knew I had to stop drinking.” Although that marriage has now ended, Jonathan has no desire to return to the drinking life.

After deciding to go sober in September 2015, SoberPunks was born…Commemorating his first year without alcohol.

While AA meetings may not be his cup of tea, the last step to recovery: ‘To support another person’, has become his life motto.

“By writing an alcohol recovery blog, I have become accountable to all of my readers,” he says. “They are what motivate me and keep me going every single day.”

Since starting SoberPunks Jonathan has received countless readers, followers and even emails asking for advice on how to stop drinking. In response to this, the proud Yorkshire man decided to create the SoberPunks Gang – a private Facebook group.

“The group allows people to encourage and support each other on their journeys, with zero judgement” he states.

Only 2 years old, the group has over 4,000 members from across the world.

“It is heart-warming to see how this silly idea I had 6 years ago has become a way for people to make friends and get sober together.”

With no regrets or remorse for his past, Jonathan is eternally grateful.

“It’s not been an easy journey but meeting the friends I have, will always be invaluable to my development as a human being.”

As the writer, Robin Sharma once said: ‘Rough seas make stronger sailors.’

To hear more about Jonathan’s story, head over to SoberPunks.co.uk and if you need a welcoming sober community to join, check out the SoberPunks Gang.

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This blog was poured by Maka Mutamiri