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It’s Okay To Be Different

It’s the start of a new week and already the UK weather seems to be in a foul mood. You may have been feeling the same but YADA is here to help. This week’s blog is a very important conversation on self-esteem and how being different should be the new norm.

With every topic of discussion, there is always at least two sides, two different viewpoints and as we all know alcohol is one of those subjects that people don’t always see eye to eye on.

Here at YADA, we pride ourselves on being inclusive to any and everyone who visits us! What we are essentially is just a safe space to socialise and have fun.

To meet specific needs, we do cater to non-drinkers and those cutting back on their alcohol intake.  Have a read here to see why we are an alcohol-free bar.

Since launching in Derby, we have experienced a mixture of views and our response to all of them is…….it’s okay to be different.

In fact, it is more than okay!

We have loved meeting all of our customers and hearing your thoughts. Below are some of the things you have said:

We want to thank all of you!

If you have come down to visit us, joined or just taken a short hop onto the sober train, thank you! It has been one of the most amazing summers because of all of you.

Seeing the response, we have been getting makes us excited to give more to the community and carry on our mission.

As a bar doing something unusual, we want to encourage other individuals out there, groups and communities that want to break the norm too, simply to go for it!

Be true to yourself with no fear nor pressure to be and follow what is already out there.

One true statement is that being ‘Different’ has never been boring and never will!

Here at YADA, we never let difference become a dividing factor in those we interact with it. Instead, we believe it can open up doors to collectiveness and unity.

How beautiful would it be to have a society that understands and accepts one another’s authenticity?

Hopefully, this blog has allowed you to ponder and start feeling confident in who you are.

There is truly nothing better than being yourself.

The season of giving is nearing and to get a head start we have made sure this October is jam-packed with lively, fun AF events and treats for you all.

Over on our Instagram, we have started a new IGTV series called StopTober Stories where we have inspiring individuals in the sober scene chat with us to share their journeys. You can click here to watch our first episode.

If you enjoyed our Sober Saturday event or even our live music session with singer Ebi Oginni then you will love our next two events! See here to get your tickets.

As you have also seen above, we love hearing from you! Whether it is your thoughts, what you want to see from us, we want to know. You can drop us a review on our Facebook and Google page.

To end this blog we have to say, the journey has been great so far, so let’s keep this sober train moving…

This blog was assorted by Maka Mutamiri.