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Sober Dating

Six Tips for Flirty and Fun Sober Dating – How to Heat Up Your Relationship Without Alcohol

Sober dating may seem like a daunting task at first, but it can actually be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you’re in recovery or simply choosing to live a sober lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to connect with potential partners and have a great time without the need for alcohol or other substances.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sober dating is that it has to be serious and devoid of any fun or flirtation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Sober dating can be just as light and flirty as any other type of dating as long as you keep an open mind and approach it with a positive attitude.

Here are a few tips for navigating the world of sober dating:

1. Be upfront about your sobriety

It’s important to be upfront about your sobriety from the very beginning, especially if you’re in recovery. This will help set clear boundaries and prevent any potential misunderstandings or miscommunications. It’s also a good idea to let your date know about any triggers or activities that may make you feel uncomfortable or put your sobriety at risk.

2. Find sober dating activities to do together

One of the best ways to have fun and connect with your sober partner is to find activities that don’t involve alcohol or drugs. This could be anything from hiking to going to a museum to trying a new sober-friendly restaurant. The key is to find activities that both of you enjoy and that allow you to focus on each other rather than relying on substances to create a good time. 

Here are six activities that are best done sober, which we think you’ll enjoy!

3. Choose a fun yet safe place to sober date

Somewhere like, hmm, let’s see, an Alcohol-Free Bar, maybe. The perfect place to forget about the alcohol and instead focus on the partner you’re keen to discover more about. (Did you know the reason we called YADA, YADA is because it’s a Hebrew word meaning ‘to know’, but on a deeper level than the English meaning of the word? You know, because when you remove alcohol from the social situation, you’re more likely to remember what’s being spoken about, and you’ll be able to connect with people more deeply.)

Sometimes YADA has even been used throughout history in a sexual context. Cheeky Ey.

Check out our list of alcohol-free bars around the UK here.

Sober Dating

4. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Sober dating can be a great opportunity to be vulnerable and open with your partner. Sharing your experiences with sobriety and recovery can be a powerful way to bond and build trust. Don’t be afraid to open up and share your feelings as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

5. Keep the romance alive

Just because you’re sober doesn’t mean the romance has to disappear. In fact, sober dating can be a great opportunity to focus on the more intimate and romantic aspects of your relationship. Whether it’s cuddling on the couch, taking a long walk, or simply spending quality time together, there are plenty of ways to keep the flame alive without the need for substances.

6. Don’t be afraid to have fun while sober dating

Sober dating doesn’t have to be all about heavy conversations and deep discussions. It’s important to remember to have fun and let loose, even if that means doing something silly or spontaneous. So don’t be afraid to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.


Overall, sober dating can be a rich and fulfilling experience if you approach it with an open mind and a positive attitude. It’s all about finding ways to connect with your partner and have a great time without relying on alcohol or other substances. So don’t be afraid to give sober dating a try – you might just be surprised at how much fun it can be.

This update was mixed by Craig, Co-founder at YADA Collective.