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So Good Kombucha

So Good Kombucha: a healthy and delicious fizzy alternative to alcohol and sugary drinks

Introducing Lesley So, an enthusiast of healthy living and of course Kombucha. In this blog post, we hear all about her upcoming business venture – So Good Kombucha. Coming to YADA’s bar this week, you can try the healthy alternative drink.

How it all started

From travelling across the globe to living in North America, where Kombucha is widely popular, Lesley has tasted the very best of the beverage.

Kombucha is even part of the So family with her parents and younger sister being expert brewers of the family recipe.

“I’ve always loved kombucha – it’s a ‘grown-up soft drink’ that has deliciously sophisticated flavours and is actually healthy and good for you”, she says.

Upon moving to the UK, Lesley saw an opportunity to share her ‘Fizz-with-benefits’ alternative with others and decided to start her own brewery in Derby.

What makes this Kombucha different?

So Good Kombucha is authentically made with fresh organic ingredients which are fermented, unfiltered and cold-pressed to achieve the best healthy alternative to alcohol and sugary fizzy drinks.

“Not only is it gut-friendly, full of flavour but also eco-friendly,” Lesley adds.

Using only paper labels, the innovative business owner ensures her drinks and brewery are sustainable. You can check out So Good Kombucha’s Ecologi here to see how the start-up is actively helping the planet.

“The goal is to become a certified B Corp and so I have started a bottle and cardboard return programme,” Lesley shares excitedly.

“YADA has partnered up with me to be one of the drop-off points for Derby locals.”

The unique brewery also aims to provide refugees and marginalised individuals in the local community, meaningful work to empower them to come out of the social benefits system.

The Origins of Kombucha

The ancient history of Kombucha shares the same sentiments when it comes to helping people. Legend has it that over 2,000 years ago (around 220 B.C) in ancient China, the first Chinese Emperor, Qin Shi Huang was given the beverage to cure his illness. As a result, Kombucha was allegedly deemed as ‘The elixir for long life.’

The fermented tea has achieved a large fan base across the world. From East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America to Europe. Courtesy of its large list of health benefits.  Find out seven of them on the So Good Kombucha health blog.

“From my company I hope to be able to raise awareness for Kombucha and bring prominence to it here in the UK,” Lesley states.

What and where can you get some?

Already blown away by customer responses, Lesley is excited to continue making Kombucha and offer fresh new flavours. Currently on offer are the Gingerlicious, Strawberry and Basil and Elderflower Mojito.

All non-alcoholic, healthy, and good for both the soul and actual soil (the planet), you can order yours at YADA’s bar and online store. For delicious taster packs and mixed cases of Kombucha go to https://sogoodkombucha.com/.

To stay in the loop with Lesley’s exciting Kombucha-filled world follow @sogoodkombuchauk on Instagram.

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We are also happy to announce that we are hosting dry runs in the next following weeks for you to come along and enjoy our alcohol-free venue in Derby. Bring along your friends and family.

Stay tuned on all our socials to know which dates you can book.

This blog was fermented by Maka Mutamiri, Blog Editor at YADA Collective.