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Introducing Sober Black Britain

Sober Black Britain is a new initiative that is focused on amplifying the voices of mindful drinkers within the black community. Here’s a brief recap of what led to the creation of this space.

Last year I (Rhondell, YADA Co-Founder) wrote a piece on the lack of diversity within the sober and mindful drinking space, titled “Diverse AF – Are there enough black-owned breweries in the UK?.

The aim was to start the discussion and challenge us all within the industry to question ourselves. Here is a quick reminder of the questions:

  1. What are we doing to build a diverse, representative and inclusive workforce?
  2. Are we making space and encouraging products made by BAME led organisations?
  3. What are we doing to pursue BAME customers? 

A year on, we are still asking these questions.

There have been some positive conversations. However, I admit not much progress has been made.

The No-Low industry continues to steam forwards and it appears that Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities are still underrepresented. Peer support is proven to be vital in pursuing behaviour changes such as reducing or stopping alcohol consumption.

Research points to the fact that BAME communities tend to look for support from within their own communities. However, the research also suggests that those same communities tend not to open up about these issues. 

This was obvious to me when we launched our Sober Communities Map. This interactive tool can help you find a group near you that meets face-to-face. We did this to help people find their ‘tribe’, who would support them in their sober journey. Upon reflection, all the groups appeared to be predominantly led and attended by white British people. While this is not an issue in itself- could it be a barrier?

Having spoken with some of the leaders of these communities there’s no doubt that many are willing and wanting to create inclusive spaces for all to enjoy. 

In response, we have launched Sober Black Britain

The data is minimal and the research is limited. Maybe there is nothing to talk about, but I highly doubt it. I want to raise the voices of the sober and sober curious within the black community. The team at YADA decided to launch Sober Black Britain and with help from people like Beth Irving we are excited to get started. 

Early followers, thanks for joining us! Here is the plan for future content:

– Raise the voices of Black British people in the sober and mindful drinking space

– Share stories of the black experience of drinking culture in the UK

– Educate about the data and call for more research and services in BAME communities

How to get involved?

– Follow, like and share @SoberBlackBrit on Socials. 

– Send in your stories of your experience of the UK drinking culture blogs@yadacollective.co.uk or DM us on social media. 

YADA remains committed to building an inclusive company that represents the people we serve. One that shares its platform with diverse voices, which champions people outside of the majority/mainstream.