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Creating an alcohol-free environment, community and experience for everyone.

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Can You Support YADA?

How can you support YADA?

NINE ways you can support YADA and see the collective grow, ultimately supporting our work with vulnerable and often marginalised people in and around Derby.

We are an alcohol-free bar; a sober social that offers an inclusive environment for those who are sober, those who are cutting down and those who just feel like a night off from alcohol every once in a while.

Our Mission: To be a thriving, inclusive alcohol-free venue that serves the city of Derby.

When we tell people our vision, they usually respond quite positively, and tend to ask “how can we help?”. This is such a great question, but was one that we struggled to answer at the beginning. The simple and honest truth is we could do with a bit of cash, but asking for money can be awkward. We became a community interest company (CIC) because we wanted to focus on people rather than profit. Like charities, we are eligible to take donations, but our aim is to get to a position where our income is attributed to our trade and not reliant on donations. Until then, we have found some easy ways to support us in these early stages.

Buy yourself some gifts! GoRaise is a great way for supporters to help fund us by getting free donations for YADA Collective CIC when you shop online. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. We are using GoRaise to give supporters a simple way to generate funds for YADA. So, how does it work?

  1. Visit our GoRaise page using the button below and sign up.
  2. Shop online at one of 3,000+ online retailers.
  3. Collect free donations for YADA Collective CIC

Please sign up today, it will make a huge difference to us. We could raise thousands in extra funding every year just from donations generated by ordinary, everyday online shopping.

2. Shop On Our Online Store

We have loads of great alcohol free drinks on our store, from gin to beer and cider, even kombucha, there really is something for everyone. By purchasing from our store, you will be supporting us and helping us continue to improve YADA.

3. Support YADA By Writing A Blog

We are committed to showcasing a wide variety of stories and views about alcohol, the night-time economy and the no & low scene. If you have a story to tell then please do get in touch, you can either drop us a line on Instagram, or email blogs@yadacollective.co.uk, we would love to lend you our platform.

Keen to write but not sure what to write about? Here are some questions that may prompt you…

  1. Would you give an alcohol-free beer to your child? 
  2. Do you remember your first alcoholic drink?
  3. Have you succumbed to peer pressure?

4. Get Us Connected

Know someone in need of a city-centre venue space? Send them our way. We are looking to support the community by having our venue open for hire during the day. We are especially keen to connect with other charitable organisations who are working with vulnerable people so we can understand how we can help enhance what they do.

5. Share Your AF Drinks Discoveries 

We love tasting new alcohol-free alternatives but there is only so many we can try. If you come across any new AF drinks, do let us know. Take a pic, share it on your socials and tag us in – @YADACollective!


6. Become An Ambassador

We also have an ambassador programme! You would be helping us get the word out about our great tasting alcohol free drinks and our alcohol free bar in Derby. We are looking to partner with people of influence to highlight the great tasting drinks on offer and share the impact they can make on people’s lives.

If you think you have a platform to help us, and you would like to be involved, then we would love to hear from you! Just drop us a message on social media or an email to hello@yadacollective.co.uk.

8. Start A YADA Community

We work with lots of communities here at yada, from Queers Without Beers to Games Night and Poetry Praise Sandwich. YADA backs each of its projects with knowledge, time, and passion – connecting people all over the world, one alcohol free drink at a time.

Want to start your own community within YADA? Email us at hello@yadacollective.co.uk or message us on social media @yadacollective to get started!

7. Support YADA Through Prayer

You may not know this, but as directors, we believe in the power of prayer. If you are the praying type, we would love you to keep us in yours. If you’re interested to hear our specific prayer requests, we’d love you to drop us an email or a message on our social media.

9. Make A Donation

Feeling generous? You can now support YADA by making a donation! Whilst donations are not necessary, they are very much appreciated. All donations go towards our communities and you’ll be helping us to develop and expand our diverse culture. You can donate as much or as little as you like, it is 100% secure and we will never share your details with anyone.


Before you go…

We just want to say a massive thank you!

If you’ve helped us with any of the above, or in any other way over the years, we’re so grateful. We will do our best to ensure YADA continues to go from strength to strength. And that giving back to the people who need it most remains at the heart of all we do. 

Ps. Welcome to team YADA! For more updates about all we’re doing at YADA Collective, make sure you sign up to our monthly newsletter.