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The Alcohol-Free Movement Is On The Rise

Our most recent blog posts have discussed teetotal party games to the importance of having an alcohol-free bar, but you might be wondering where did this rise in abstinence from alcohol come from? Why is it a growing trend?

Through some intensive research, Maka our Blog Editor has the answers you need.

When did the alcohol-free movement start growing?

Since the formation of Alcohol Change UK’s  ‘Dry January’ challenge in 2013, the number of people changing their lifestyles has significantly increased.  Starting with 4,000 people partaking in the no drinking challenge to over four million signing up in 2020, more and more UK citizens are reducing their alcohol intake.

For non-drinkers feeling as if they are the only ones hopping out of the alcohol train… you are not alone!

How many non-drinkers are there?

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the proportion of teetotallers in 2017 was 20.4%. This year an estimated 6.5 million UK citizens have signed up to do the Dry January challenge. Compared to last year’s results that is a 62.5% increase.

Seeing such figures really puts into perspective how there is in fact an entire movement in motion.

In the last two years, the no booze life has received the most appraisal and popularity it has ever had. Even though awareness in the low and no alcohol drink market is rising, alcohol-free beverages are the most sought-after when it comes to the two.

Why are people going alcohol-free?

The pandemic has changed everything from how behave to how we think. Health and fitness is the universal trend right now.

Without having to socialise at bars and clubs, many of us are reflecting on our drinking habits and health in general. In an Opinium survey, 14 million adults in the UK said they are consciously trying to drink less alcohol or stop entirely over the lockdown period.

It is a known fact that drinking alcohol comes with more cons than pros. Especially in the long term. Another report by ONS recorded the number of deaths caused by the misuse of alcohol in 2020 as the largest it has been in the last 20 years. For more information read here.

Whether choosing to go alcohol-free to reduce costs and save money or to prevent serious health conditions, every one of us has been encouraged to change our bad habits to start living healthier lifestyles.

If you have recently decided to cut back from drinking alcohol or have stopped entirely and you want to try out some alternative drinks visit our online store.

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This blog was crafted by Maka Mutamiri.