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Smiling people at YADA Bar - the art of conversation

The art of conversation is not dead… yet!

The simple act of saying Hello/ Hey/ Hiya / Morning and doing it with a genuine smile can bring joy to the world.

To welcome someone is a feature of every culture, language and country. Unfortunately, I feel the art of conversation is a skill that we’re gradually seeing fall to the waste side. An art that is going extinct right under our noses. Why? Well, that’s a debate for another day. But today, as you’re reading this, is the day to make a stand and fight to keep the simple and yet hugely impactful act alive! 

When on a recent morning walk, I made a conscious effort to raise my eyes from the pavement and verbally greet everyone I walked by. 

22 verbal responses “hello, hey, etc”, 5 waves, 7 subtle nods and 34 SMILES!

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None of the conversations led any further than that, they didn’t need to. The returning smiles were enough to bring joy to my day. 

So, here’s a little encouragement for you to do the same. 

Put the phone down, lift your eyes and simply say hello.

YADA is a great place to meet new people and make friends, click here to read about our events! 


YADA is all about the conversation, a simple act, and something that anyone can start in a matter of seconds. We believe positive human conversation can transform the lives of all those around us. And no, despite the common misconceptions, you don’t need to be under the influence of alcohol to have a good time in the company of others.


So, here’s a simple challenge, prove the art of conversation not dead. Say hello to someone new today!

This blog was brewed by Craig Picton