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Wet and Dry Podcast

The Wet and Dry Podcast – YADA Collective Edition

We have been invited onto The Wet and Dry Podcast!

Give it a listen below and help us get the word out about; who we are, what we’re looking to achieve and more importantly the difference we’re looking to make! 

What’s The Wet and Dry Podcast?

The simple premise – it’s a conversation between a couple of mates about alcohol consumption (or lack of), pub culture, a potential midlife crisis and friendship. 

Geoff has turned 40 and decided to take a year off from drinking alcohol. He’s dry.

His mate, Matt, is a big fan of the pub and all that comes with it. He’s outraged by Geoff’s decision and is out to prove he’s having a crazy midlife crisis. He’s well and truly wet.

On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Geoff reveal the draw of alcohol-free drinks in the running for their AF World Cup, with exciting results.

And… they interview our Directors, Rhondell, Mark and Craig to discover more about who the YADA Collective are. Why we think an alcohol-free bar will work in Derby and how our efforts will help the local community.

You can find out more about The Wet and Dry Podcast and give it a listen here.

Also, we’d love it if you helped us get the message out. If after you’ve listened, you find it interesting, why not share it on social media and tag in both the @YADACollective and #WetAndDryPodcast.

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