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Creating an alcohol-free environment, community and experience for everyone.

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Rhondell, one of the directors, holding an alcohol-free drink smiling towards the camera

Rhondell Stabana

Derby quickly became home for Rhondell since arriving as a student in 2013. As part of the University rugby club he was immersed in the usual social activity that comes with sport and his attendance on a Wednesday night out was better than his Uni attendance. Although a lot of alcohol was consumed it was the social side that he loved the most. But seeing how people relied on alcohol to have a good time led him to question the norm. Could we offer something different, something that means more than just going out and getting drunk, could we help people whilst doing so? Could YADA answer these questions? Rhondell works in sport development, and has also held roles as a charity trustee and school governor. Each of these roles has given him experience in strategic planning and project coordination. Rhondell is at his happiest when he is blue-sky thinking, coming up with strange ideas and collaborating with people who are crazy enough to try them. So, if you have an idea that can change the world and the way we live, give him a shout, and we will see what YADA can do to help.