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Collection of Non-alcoholic beers - debunking misconceptions of being sober

Three common misconceptions of being sober on a night out

The good, the bad and the ugly, I’ve heard them all! Today I want to challenge a few of the common misconceptions of being sober.

Being sober doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re giving up alcohol for good. You could just want to cut down, or maybe just have a night or two off. Regardless of your reasons, here are some of the wrong assumptions about being sober.

1. Say goodbye to fun

“Oh, you’re not drinking? Bet you’re gonna be a barrel of laughs tonight.”

Of the many misconceptions of being sober in today’s culture, this is by far the biggest. People assume that if you don’t drink, then you’re no fun. Now, let’s be honest, I’m a chartered accountant. I spend my days reading through financial reporting standards and laws. I know a thing or two about boring, and if I had to rely on alcohol to avoid boredom, I’d spend most days getting my stomach pumped.

You don’t have to miss out on having fun just because you aren’t drinking. Click here to read our blog on 10 alcohol free alternatives to drinking games!

Most people equate inebriation and bowing to peer pressure with “fun”. Society dictates that if we binge drink until we’re sick, do something hugely humiliating and then wake up in the morning nursing a huge hangover and not having a clue what’s gone on in the past 12 hours, we must have had fun.

I’m not really sure where this mindset has come from. I definitely remember having fun as a child (and certainly hope that my parents weren’t spiking my drinks with vodka) which shows that it is perfectly possible to have the time of your life without touching a drop of alcohol. As we progress into adolescents, the intrigue of doing something taboo or against the rules will undoubtedly seem enticing. But as fully grown adults – what’s the fascination?

It’s time for a revolution – a change in mindset. Are people really having fun purely because of the alcohol? Now, granted, some people might enjoy going out to a nightclub or a bar on their own. I am not one of those people. For me, enjoyment comes not from what I’m drinking, but who I’m drinking with. Does the alcohol content of the drink you’re enjoying as you laugh or celebrate with your friends really make a difference to the entertainment, or is it the people that you’re laughing or celebrating with that makes the difference?

Having fun isn’t about the alcohol. It’s about the people. 

2. Coke or nothing

Coke? Orange juice? Or maybe just water? Definitely nothing fancy or adventurous. Maybe (if you’re lucky) one of those pathetic alcohol-free beers that taste like mildly flavoured water.

Come on, it’s 2020! Lots of major breweries (and plenty of smaller, independent ones too) are now devoting plenty of time and money towards low and no alcohol beers.

No longer the bland, watered-down versions of “proper” beers from years gone by. Today’s low alcohol beers taste every bit as good as the fully intoxicating beverage on which they are based, if not better. And we no longer just have to deal with just one beer option – there is a whole range of different types of beer accentuating different flavour patterns. Like a nice, hoppy IPA? Or prefer a light German pilsner? Pop down to YADA and have a chat about what we’ve got in stock.

Alcohol-free cocktails are also a possibility. Distilleries are producing a whole range of non-alcoholic spirits allowing for anything from the humble gin and tonic to the tropical pina colada to be recreated with all of the taste, but none of the alcohol.

Want to get a Sean Connery-esque Virgin Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred? Go for it. Or perhaps embrace your inner J.D. and get an alcohol-free appletini (easy on the ‘tini’)? Sure thing. Maybe channel the essence of Carrie Bradshaw and get a cool, clean cosmo? All possible nowadays.

These flavour-based misconceptions of being sober really are a thing of the past.

3. “You must be the designated driver”

Unfortunately, society has dictated that drinking alcohol is the norm, and that is something that we at YADA are challenging. Anther of the misconceptions of being sober is that the ONLY reason not to drink is that you’re the designated driver.

Well, surely there are more reasons? Maybe you just don’t want a hangover the next morning. Maybe you do embarrassing things while inebriated, like drunk-dialling your ex or dancing to “single ladies” with a Spanish waitress called Maria in the middle of the Hard Rock Café, whilst your friends watch on and get the whole thing on camera. Perhaps it’s for religious or health reasons.

I want to flip the world on its head. Rather than have to defend our reasoning for not drinking, why and think – what reasons do I have to drink alcohol? We never have to defend our reasons for not partaking in other elements commonly associated with nightlife. If I don’t want to dabble with drugs, smoke or have a one-night stand, people just accept this. I never have to defend myself, suffer ridicule and teasing, or be told that I’m boring. So why is this the case with alcohol consumption?

… Nope, I’m not sure either.

If you agree with me and want to help flip the world on its head, come and pop down to YADA and be part of the change.

This blog was poured by Mark Innis