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Three tips to taking on the work party… while staying sober

Here are our suggestions for ensuring you both have a great night and yet, it remains the sober party you’re looking for.

Imagine the scene… your colleagues are all heading out for a night on the town and they’ve invited you along.
You haven’t told them yet that you’ve been sober for a few months (because it just hasn’t come up in conversation), do you;
A. Make your excuses and kindly decline?
B. Turn up and try to hide your lack of alcohol consumption?
C. Embrace your sobriety and have the best night of the group?

It’s often quite a tough thing to address – being the stone-cold sober one at a party.

There’s a lot of social pressure that pushes you to “just have one”. One-shot doesn’t seem much, but you’ll immediately jump to 0.02% BAC (Blood alcohol content). At this point, your inhibitions start to leave. This can make you far more susceptible to peer pressure, and the “one” turns into three or four. Your sober party is no more.

It truly is a fine line, and I am no stranger to the effects of this. As an introvert who just wants to fit into an extroverted crowd, I found very quickly that the way to do this was by having a drink. After a few pushes, I’d find myself in very difficult positions. I’d become somebody I wasn’t a fan of. I’d start saying things that were so out of character and would cause distress and offence. The phrase “drunken words are sober thoughts” totally dominates people’s perceptions of you as a person.

Of course, it’s very easy to say that you are a designated driver, but then why is that seen as more acceptable than saying “I don’t want to drink tonight”. What is with this completely bogus status quo?! My friend, if you don’t want to drink, then stand your ground. It is your call, and you’re not abiding by the prerogatives or discretion of others.

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Now, how do we avoid this kind of situation?

Obviously, the one way to avoid it is to just not go out. But then you invite the problem of being a bore. So how do we avoid drinking whilst still being the life of the party? I’m that guy who wants to talk about steering differentials and the history of Nutella, so it’s a tough question for me to answer.

So, here’s a short list for breaking that barrier:
Going out is about being social and not talking about work, or university. So, find out what others are interested in; sports, food, current events etc. Find these ice breakers, and then you’re on your way to having a pleasant evening without needing to drink

If you’re with your friends, ask if you can go somewhere that has a good range of AF beers and spirits. As corny as it might sound, if they’re your real friends, they’ll understand and respect your decision. There are lots of places that are changing the way we socialise. Boardgame pubs, book cafes, open mic nights. Venture out occasionally, and make memories!

Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the right crowd. In today’s world, it is very easy to become absorbed into a community that can be toxic for you as a person. That toxicity can translate into poor drinking habits and losing your sense of self. This is what YADA is about; finding a community of like-minded people that wants to see everyone having fun whilst staying sober.

The ball is completely in your court

Yes, peer pressure might be huge but, you’re still in control and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for being “that guy/girl”. Be it for religious, personal, or health reasons, your decision is your decision. You need to make sure that your interests are not only at the forefront of your mind but at the forefront of those who you are with.

Come down to YADA and enjoy a social night with fun and games completely alcohol-free. Heck, it’s often described as the perfect destination for your sober party. We have a range of soft drinks, alcohol-free beers, spirits and cocktails and we can’t wait to meet you (and your colleagues) soon!

Stay safe, and stay sober, guys!

Blog crafted by Ryan Hook.